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How Pakistan Army a Richest Company or Organization

Pakistani military can be one of the richest companies in the world. What nonsense? Some time ago, a country didn’t even have money to import tea. People were taking gas-filled balloons and running behind trucks for a bit of flour.

You will be shocked to know how rich the military of Pakistan is. Pakistan, if we talk about the GDP, Pakistan is at 42nd rank in the whole world. But at the same time, Pakistan comes in the 7th rank when it comes to military power. Pakistan’s rank is higher than countries like France, Australia, Italy, and Israel. Why so? Because Pakistan’s military is the most powerful and Richest organization in Pakistan.

How Pakistan Army a Richest Company or Organization?
How Pakistan Army a Richest Company or Organization?

Let’s focus on the Facts & Figures that how the Pakistani military is the biggest business of Pakistan.

  • Fauji Foundation is the second largest private conglomerate in Pakistan. Conglomerate means such a brand that has many different businesses.
  • Pakistani military controls more than 50 different companies. Whose annual revenue is more than $26 billion, which is bigger than the well-known Giants “Reliance” or “Adani Group”.
  • The armed forces not only have profit-making companies but also have a lot of fertile land. Pakistan Army officially owns 12% of the land of the entire Pakistan.
  • The largest real estate company in Pakistan is owned by the Pakistani military.
  • Pakistan’s largest fertilizer company is owned by the Pakistani military.
  • Most of the schools are owned by the Pakistani military.
Fauji Foundation All companies
All Companies Owned by Pakistan Army (Fauji Foundation).
  • The economic empire of the Pakistani military is so huge that technically they do not need any government support at all. Dr. Ayesha Siddiqui is a Pakistani author and professor. She says in her book Military Inc. that in 2007 itself, the net worth of the Pakistani military was more than £10 billion. This number was four times more than the FDI (Foreign Direct Investment) in Pakistan that year.
  • Every officer of the Pakistan Army is a millionaire. When a Major General retires, he is given 240 acres of farmland as a present, which has an average value of half a million pounds. Their children study internationally.

The Pakistani Army has been given a very interesting name. It is called a ‘State Within a State’, why? Because the Pakistani military does not work for the people but for profit. They Earn money and distribute that money among their officers. It is not me but the Pakistani military experts who say this. Pakistan is also known as the “Rich Army of Poor Nation”.

Rich Army of Poor Nation
Rich Army of Poor Nation

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